Happy New Year and welcome to a year full of hope and recovery! Like every new year, 2021 promises a new chapter for our lives; but if there is anything that 2020 has taught us, is that we cannot survive and thrive alone. It is by practicing collective compassion that we will achieve a life worth living, and that includes loving one another, be kind to all living creatures, and respect the natural world. Our actions for 2021 will have a deep effect on the future of humanity and planet Earth as we are approaching the point of no return. The time is NOW!




As we stand now, at the dawn of the year 2021, humans are using the equivalent of 1.7 Earths. By 2030, we are going to need 2 planets to accommodate the needs of all people. But there is no Planet B. Climate change is a result of the unsustainable economy that humans have been producing and consuming for the past 100 years. The recent pandemic has highlighted yet again the need for a global response in terms of sustainability and provides an opportunity to transform our polluted economy toward a cleaner and circular one. Every business, regardless of size and industry, can easily implement green business practices, contribute to the planet’s well-being, and at the same time growing successfully and profitably.



We at Eco Market Malta have just launched a brand new e-book entitled “Success through Sustainability – How to transform your small business into a green and profitable enterprise.” The e-book covers a general understanding of the meaning of ‘sustainability’, how to lay sustainable foundations for your existing business, or how to develop a sustainable foundation for a new one, how to transform your business operations, a series of benefits related to a sustainable business, the secret ingredient to success, and also proposes some innovative green business ideas for the 21st Century for those looking for start-up inspiration. The e-book is written with the small and medium-sized business owner in mind and communicates easy steps to transform your business into a sustainable and successful one.


In this e-book you can find the necessary motivation and overall knowledge to guide small business entrepreneurs, who want to make a positive impact and find a sense of purpose in their work. It gives examples of how they can do small steps at a time to become more impactful to their communities, to the planet, and to their customers, whilst retaining a good profit margin to remain in business and continue creating change. 


Moreover, it serves as a guide highlighting general sustainability features that a business can implement in order to become a vendor on Coral – our new multi-vendor e-commerce site.

Coral offers a solution to everyday shopping (to buyers) and a unique opportunity for success (to sellers). Nearly 150 million people shopped online for the first time in 2020 and the number of e-commerce buyers is only set to rise according to experts. Customer behavior in regards to e-commerce is changing at a very fast rate and if businesses don’t adapt, they will become irrelevant. The future of retail is online. Becoming a Coral seller means having full control of your own e-shop and start selling online, without the expenses, maintenance, and know-how of building your own website. It offers small business owners the possibility to reach a wide audience of potential customers, and sell online, anywhere in the world, without spending a fortune on website building and marketing. 


According to Forbes, Business Insider, and many other global business agencies, sustainable consumerism is not only a trend but a fast-growing niche. 

What makes Coral different from all other online stores? Coral’s exceptional difference is that it specializes in products that are good for the people and good for the planet. It attracts the eco-conscious and the health-conscious consumers by providing a convenient online hub where to find everything under the same roof. 

On Coral, customers can search by what’s really important to them; for example, vegan, no GMO, made from up-cycled materials, organic, recyclable, cruelty–free, handmade, zero-waste, empowers women or charitable, and so on. There are a total of 30 sustainability features. (click the below image to read more).



There is a pre-defined criterion that vendors must match in order to join the Coral platform. These will largely depend on the specific line of business and determined at the evaluation stage on a case-to-case basis. Application and evaluation are free of charge. Nobody is ever rejected from Coral – if we think that your business does not have the right sustainability features, we will present you with an assessment to improve, and then re-apply. Let’s make 2021 a year of positive change!
Download the free e-book by clicking on the image below.