CORAL is a curated marketplace. Each vendor is carefully assessed and evaluated according to our criteria. We look at several aspects of their business including, but not limited to, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing process, packaging, distribution and transportation logistics and the circular nature of the product itself. We feature only vendors who can demonstrate that they are guided by genuine and ethical sustainable principles.

Becoming a Coral seller is easy and fast. Follow the 4-steps below:

Fill in and submit the below application form 

Wait for one of our team members to contact you and send you our Sustainability Check-List, which you are required to fill in with as many details as possible, and send back to us for evaluation.

Once your application is approved, you will be sent the terms and conditions in the form of an agreement.

Once the agreement is signed, you will receive a link that will grant you access to Coral’s Seller Dashboard, from where you can build your store and start selling!



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