All of our products are chemical free. Everything is cleaned only with water. Products are long lasting for up to 8-10 years. Our products are also impregnated with colloidal silver, so the surfaces are disinfected. Our BROWN NanoSilver Technology soap is also needed to be used for keeping the gloves disinfected and to last long. And after cleaning with this glove we recommend you our drying cloth.

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The most important quality of the white fabric is its great cleaning ability. Grease and dirt are decomposed into emulsion which is sucked inside and stays there. You should wet it thoroughly before using, so it is designed for the surfaces which tolerate the contact with water well – windows, doors, hard floor carpets, linings, bathtubs, washbasins and other sanitary appliances, water supply batteries, glass surfaces, cookers, fume hoods, kitchen sinks, kitchen countertops, containers, bodyworks, car wheel discs, etc. It also absorbs unpleasant smells perfectly.

THE CLOTH removes emulsion giving a perfect shine to the cleaned surface. Sunbeam is made of synthetic microfibres with an average thickness of a few micrometers. Such a structure gives an enormous thickness to the cleaner, therefore it may be used for a number of surfaces, without fear of scratching. The cleaner is by far more efficient in absorbing dirt, liquids and humidity as compared with the highest quality chamois leather cloth, and due to these features it makes cleaned surfaces shiny, without streaks and scratches. Its delicate fibrous texture makes it suitable for the cleaning of various devices which are sensitive to ordinary cleaning agents, such as optic glass, computers and electronic appliances.

The cleaners should be thoroughly moistened with water and wrung before use, after that remove grease and dirt with soft, circular movements. During cleaning, the cleaners should be constantly rinsed with clean water. Used glove and cloth should be washed manually with our BROWN NanoSilver Technology soap or sometimes in an automatic washing machine in the temperature up to 60°C with any kind of washing liquid without any fabric softener. You should avoid drying it in automatic dryers or on heaters, try to dry them naturally in the shade. Fabric is more and more active after every use. Buy another soap when this one finish.
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Here at GreenTouch Malta we are firmly convinced that all our products fulfill the highest standards of quality.
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