TAPP PitcherPro Glass Water Jug Filter


  • Great tasting drinking water – instantly available just fill and pour
  • Ultra-advanced microfiltration of over 80 contaminants
  • Microplastics, chlorine, nitrates and heavy metals all removed
  • Filter cartridges last 3 months – just change them yourself
  • Low environmental impact
5 out of 5


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Alkaline enhanced

Now you can experience great tasting and healthier water from
your kitchen tap thanks to the alkaline and magnesium balls increasing
the alkalinity of the water.

High Capacity

This great looking water jug has a capacity of 1.45 L with instant
filtration of your water and no waiting, water is filtered as you pour.

Beautiful glass jug

Its measurements are: 31.3 x 10.8 x 11.15 cm and it weighs 0.6KGs

You can pour filtered water at a rate of up to 2L per minute, and no waiting!

Filters as you pour – no waiting

Filter at the same time you pour the water into your glass thanks to the special tube-shaped air channel.

Why does it generate less waste?

Say goodbye to up to 1,000 plastic bottles a year used for drinking
water and enjoy peace of mind that you will never run out of water or
have to have to dispose of all those plastic bottles.

How long does a filter cartridge last?

The filter refills are replaced every 3 months and have a capacity of
450L to 600L. Its is important to change filters every 3 months on time
in order to keep the most efficient filtration of your water supply.

Advanced 3 stage filtration

3-stage filtration thanks to organic carbon fibers capable of filtering
more than 80 substances from tap water, including limescale.

PitcherPro uses 3-stage microfiltration technology with activated carbon and alkaline balls.

activated carbon block, made from coconut shell, is capable of
absorbing chemical, gaseous, metallic and organic elements thanks to its
microscopic structure and its highly porous surface.

the water passes through the filter, substances such as: lime, chlorine
(responsible for the bad taste), microplastics, sand, rust and
sediment, lead, mercury, salmonella, legionella, pesticides, herbicides,
drug residues, nitrates and 80 Contaminants greater than 1-2 μm
(microns) are retained in the spherical particles of activated carbon.
The result is clean, filtered water, ready for consumption.


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