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Scope of delivery: 1 Me Luna® natural Menstrual Cup, 1 Instruction Manual, 1 Organic Cotton Bag.

The Me Luna® natural Cup is available in different sizes. Criteria to take into account when selecting a size: heaviness of period, vaginal births, your pelvic floor muscles and the position of the cervix during menstruation.

Size S – Primarily used by young women with good muscles and for lighter periods.
Size M – Mainly used by women of all ages with normal muscles and medium flow.
Size L – Commonly used by women with heavier periods and following vaginal births.
A world first among the Menstrual Cups!

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The Me Luna® natural Cup combines the aspect of sustainability with the requirements for the material purity of this hygiene product. With Me Luna® natural you make an environmentally conscious decision and contribute to the avoidance of production-related waste.

Me Luna® natural is made with an addition of recycled material and traditional women’s herbs.

The new production process enabled us to create a beautiful translucent color for the Me Luna® natural cups. The small addition of lady’s mantle herb (Alchemilla vulgaris) makes the cup even more attractive and ensures a natural look. The herb particles enclosed in the the material give an interesting surface and slight discoloration or stains on your cup will not be noticed so fast.

Sustainable, Reusable
With recycled material
With added Herbs
Made in Germany

Sustainability all along the line

The packaging of Me Luna® natural is of course plastic-free. The bag is fair trade and is made from organic cotton. The instructions for use have been printed climate-neutrally on recycled paper.
Your delivery comes to you without unnecessary packaging. The cup is packed with the instructions for use in an organic cotton bag and hygienically sealed.

The TPE of the Me Luna® is recyclable

As you may know, the material of the Me Luna® menstrual cup is recyclable. For the new Me Luna® natural menstrual cup, we use an addition of recycled material and a small addition of traditional women’s herbs.

The recycled material is regrind from production waste. When setting up injection molding machines, it can happen that the injection process does not run optimally and that finished cups have to be sorted out. In the case of silicone crosslinking or other vulcanizates, this material would have to be disposed of and thermally recycled (incinerated). By using our medical-compliant TPE raw material, we are the only cup manufacturer able to recycle this in-house and thus avoid waste during production. Reject material is ground and used – of course only as long as it has never left the production hall

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