BEE GRACIOUS Beeswax Food Wraps ~ Snack Pack ~ Malti Collection


Snack Pack includes: 3 Small size beeswax wraps

Small wrap: 15 cm X 23 cm

Pattern design: Maltese Tiles and sayings ~ includes any pattern from the Malti Collection

Replace single-use plastic wrap with BEE GRACIOUS reusable food wraps! Handcrafted with high quality organic ingredients: Organic GOTS-certified cotton, local Maltese beeswax, natural pine resin and organic jojoba oil.

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HOW TO USE:  The wrap will seem stiff but pliable and with the warmth from your hands, you can shape and mold the wrap directly around most food items and over most dishes, bowls and plates.

The wraps work really well to cover the other half of cut fruits and veggies (think lemon, tomato, avocado, onion), are perfect for preserving cheese and breads or baked items. Remember: the wrap is a sealed/waterproof product – do not trim it with scissors or cut it with a knife as you will break the wax seal and ruin the functionality of the wrap. Also, never use any form of heat (other than the warmth from your hands) near the wraps as the beeswax will melt and the product’s performance will be compromised.  In other words, the wraps cannot withstand warm/hot water, microwaves, dishwashers, direct/prolonged sunlight or a hot pan from the oven, let it cool before covering leftovers with a beeswax wrap.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Simply wash your beeswax wrap with an eco-friendly dish soap, rinse and leave to air dry. Always clean with cool to warm water, never hot water. Do not soak wrap in water. • Once dry, store with your tea towels in a drawer or basket. • Allow hot items to cool down before wrapping and avoid wrapping raw meat or fish • Bee Gracious wraps can be reused for up to 6-12 months, depending on their use and care. • Compostable once the life cycle is complete.


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