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Sustainability is not just a buzz-word. The reason you’ve been hearing it over and over again is that sustainability is the only possible future for mankind. To be sustainable means to maintain a good healthy balance in everything we do. In environmental terms, unsustainability means that the planet cannot regenerate its natural resources at the same rate that humans are consuming them. We are currently using around 1.7 times what planet Earth can give. In just a few years, we will need 2 planets to sustain all human life and to meet their needs adequately. Consumption is a huge player in this unsustainable phase that we’re in. It is also one of the main driving forces behind climate change. 

As the leading eco-friendly platform on the island, Eco Market Malta proudly presents Coral, a multi-vendor online marketplace exclusively featuring genuine, ethical and sustainable products that are good for people and good for the planet. On this website you will find products in various categories including fashion, wellness, beauty, toys, home and travel – that can be safely and conveniently ordered online and delivered to any address you want, in Malta or overseas.

Our Values


We are committed to safeguarding the environment. The planet is the most precious resource that we have. It is also the source of all life – without it, we would cease to exist. By making small changes and embracing ethical and sustainable habits, we can all help to protect our quality of life and ensure a liveable planet for future generations.

Our health is a priority for without it we can accomplish very little. In this respect, we are advocates of balanced and healthy lifestyle habits, including nutrition, exercise and mental well-being.

Malta is home to an abundance of artisans, SMEs and social enterprises. We believe in shopping local and supporting green businesses.

We hope that our work will inspire other businesses to take their Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility to the next level. There are a myriad of benefits for businesses to adopt sustainable practices in their policies or overall strategy. What’s good for the planet is also good for business.

Why Coral?


Coral, one of the most visually beautiful elements of underwater life, is sadly going through a serious crisis. Corals around the world are dying, in most cases due to ‘bleaching’. The crisis is a result of elevated sea temperatures, ie: global warming, which is causing the coral to lose its algae and become white. We already lost more than half of the worlds’ coral reefs to bleaching. Scientists predict that by 2050 all coral reefs will be in danger if climate change is not tackled properly.

Corals are some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on Earth. They provide habitats and shelter for hundreds of thousands of marine species and they also provide a livelihood for millions of people around the world. Recently, they became instrumental in the development of new cures for conditions such as arthritis, cancer and several viruses. 

Did you know? In 2016, Malta set a new world record for being home to the deepest growing precious red coral in the world. 


Social & Environmental responsibility


As a Social Enterprise, our mindset is set towards the concept of ‘profit with purpose‘, where the profit and the positive impact we contribute towards people and planet, are in equal measure.

We plant a tree with every order. However, we’re focused on more than just planting trees. We want to help change lives. Not only does reforestation revitalize dry arid soil and provide a substantial oxygen supply, but it directly benefits locals living in the area in many ways. In collaboration with our friends at the Grow 10 Trees Project, we revitalize playgrounds, gardens, and empty patches around the island, making them greener.  

Our Social responsibility is focused on helping local, green, small and medium businesses to shine and thrive by creating affordable marketing and sales opportunities, both online and physical. We undertake and join several awareness-raising campaigns throughout the year for the promotion of conscious consumerism. On Coral, we support NGOs and Voluntary Organisations

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